Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When was the subdivision created?
    A. In the early 1990s.
  2. How many lots or homes with lake access are in the neighborhood?
    A.  There are a total of 22 lots/homes with lake access – am approximate 7:1 home:lake ratio.
  3. Are there homes or lots on all of the lakes?
    A.  Generally, yes.  The south (lake one) and north (lake three) have the most homes or lots.  The middle (lake two) has homes at each end.
  4. What is the average lot size?
    A.  Each lot varies in size.  Those with lake access are generally .75 to 2.0 acres in area.
  5. Is the neighborhood part of any MUD district or public utility infrastructure?
    A.  No. The Lakes at Cypress Hill do not belong to or have its own MUD (metropolitan utility district).  Each lot has its own well/septic.
  6. Are there any lots or homes for sale?
    A.  Sometimes a lot or home will be offered for sale.  They go pretty quickly, most often to friends and family of existing lot or homeowners.  So, the best way to know what is for sale is to ask the LACHOA Board of Directors – who will forward your inquiry to all property owners.


  1. How many lakes are there?
    A.  Three east-west facing lakes.  All are interconnected with a series of cuts, or channels, allowing boats to move from one lake to another.
  2. How many boats are allowed on a lake at a time?
    A.  One boat per lake at  any one time.
  3. What are the lake dimensions?
    A. Each lake is approximately 2300 ft. in length with an average width of 75-125 ft.  The second, or middle lake is slightly wider to accommodate a ski jump ramp.  Each lake has a set of two turn islands – one at each end of the lake.
  4. Where does the water for the lakes come from?
    A.  The design of the lakes allows for capture of rainwater runoff from homeowner lots and surrounding fields.  When needed, there is a supplemental well from which water is pumped to keep the lakes at optimum level, year round.
  5. Why is the water so blue?
    A.  A few times a year the homeowners association will place a blue colored dye into the water.  Not only does it improve the appearance of the lakes, but the dye is an effective tool to suppress water-borne algae growth.
  6. Are the lakes open to the public?
    A. No.  The lakes are privately owned and managed by the Homeowners Association and are only usable by lake access lot and homeowners.  Only lake access lot and homeowners and their guests are allowed to use the lakes and facilities.


  1. Are there any restrictions on the types of boats allowed on the lakes?
    A. Yes.  Only AWSA-approved towboats area allowed.  All others are restricted from use.
  2. Are there insurance requirements for watercraft?
    A. Yes.  All watercraft from boats to personal watercraft (whether owned by an HOA member or guest) MUST carry current liability insurance AND name the Lakes at Cypress Hill as an additional insured party.  Proof of Insurance must be filed with the HOA Treasurer prior to using the boat or watercraft on the lakes. Failure to have such will result in removal of such watercraft from the lakes.
  3. Can the lakes be reserved for exclusive use by a homeowner?
    A.  There are provisions for a homeowner to reserve a single lake for a single four-hour period on a single day for special events.  Such requests must be made to the LACHOA board a minimum of three weeks in advance of such a need.
  4. Are the lakes open to the public for waterskiing or watersports?
  5. A.  No.  The lakes are available for exclusive use of the property owners of The Lakes at Cypress Hill.
  6. Are the lakes open for swimming to the public?
    A.  No.  The lakes are available for exclusive use of the property owners of The Lakes at Cypress Hill.
  7. Are there watersports memberships to The Lakes at Cypress Hill available?
    A.  No.  The lakes are available for exclusive use of the property owners of The Lakes at Cypress Hill.
  8. Can homeowners ‘bulkhead’ their shoreline?
    A.  No.  All the lakes have been engineered to maximize safety and skiability.  As such, the shorelines have a predetermined slope which must be maintained.  Keeping the engineered slopes allows for quick settling of boat/skier wake eliminating wake bounce-back
  9. Can the lakes be used for wakeboarding, tubing or other non-skiing activities?
    A.  Yes.  Lot and home owners can use the lakes for many water sports activities, including wakeboarding, tubing, and the use of personal watercraft (i.e.: jet-skis).
  10. Can the lakes be fished?
    A.  Yes and No. LACHOA property owners and their guests may fish the lakes.  All others may not fish the lakes.  All fishing is ‘catch and release’ only.
  11. Can guests of property owners use the lakes?
    A.  Yes, but only if the property owner is on the property and supervising all guest activity, including operation of any and all boats and watercraft. All guests must sign and submit a Waiver and Release of Liability and Indemnification.


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