All the following information provided as a convenience to HOA members to:

1. Provide informational HOA guidelines partaining to reserving a lake at the Lakes at Cypress Hill
2. Enable HOA members to submit a lake reservation request

To submit a request, fill in the form to the right (or below on mobile devices). Indicating the following in the “Message” section of the form:

  • The desired reservation date
  • Desired timeframe on requested date, in hours
  • The lake you wish to reserve (north, middle, south)

Then click the Submit button for the request to be routed to the LACHOA Board of Directors for consideration.

  • There is a 4 hour reservation maximum on any lake.
  • No lake can be reserved on a tournament date.
  • Each lot owner is allowed two reservations per year.
  • Two week prior notice is required to reserve a lake.
  • Reservation requests must be submitted to a BOD member and approved by BOD majority.

Note: After a 4 hour lake reservation, other HOA members have the right to use the previously reserved lake in a normal rotation sequence as defined In Section 6 of the Lake Use Rules.